Refill Faceday Products

Refilling & Recycling


How to Refill your FaceDay Products

When possible, reusing is always better than recycling. To encourage this we offer FaceDay product refills at 20% off. All products are refillable except Sun Whip Sunscreen and Dream Time Lip Mask.

  1. Wash your product out with warm soapy water, including the pump, and allow it to dry.
  2. Bring the clean empty bottle into FaceDay. We will sterilise with ozone to kill and remaining bacteria.
  3. We will refill your product. You enjoy 20% off and a feeling of good karma for being kind to the earth.


Recycle with us

Don’t have recycling at home? Bring any three product empties (from ANY brand) and we will give you 10% off any new product purchase at FaceDay.

We are also happy to recycle any finished FaceDay products which you do not wish to refill.