Lightning Lift

Lightning Lift

30 minutes  |  RP 460K

An express facial to fit in on your lunch break. The Lightning Lift packs maximum toning effectiveness into its limited time.

super chill facial

Super Chill

45 minutes  |  RP 690K

All aboard the recovery train! This facial was created for those who need to de-puff and calm their face after a big night or too much sun.

power tone facial

Power Tone

45 minutes  |  RP 690K

Boost your facial muscle tone and wake up your face with our signature functional facial, containing a FaceDay highlight reel of effective moves.


Free Flow

45 minutes  |  RP 690K

Melt away tension with our glorious massage-only (no technology) facial – incorporating all your favourite intensive FaceDay facial sculpting and remedial massage techniques. So cruise in, kick back and let it flow.

Wonder sculpt facial

Wonder Sculpt

60 minutes  |  RP 885K

Our multi-tasking wonder functional facial spans a full hour. Perfect for when you have the time to treat yourself, or to prep for an event – this treatment will remind your cheekbones where they belong.


Dream Clean

60 minutes / RP 885K

After hearing your skin concerns we have curated this ultimate combo of the latest technology and ingredients…




15 minutes   |   RP 230K each
Future face add on

Future Face

We get by with a little help from our friends; trust us EMS and RF are your friends! When you need the big guns Future Face is where it’s at. Our unique EMS acupressure device packs a punch in the lift department by working out facial muscles that cannot normally be isolated. This is followed by a cocktail of EMS, Radiofrequency and Red LED so that we also build collagen while muscles are stimulated.

The swan add on

The Swan

Starting with the root cause of double chin we begin with postural correction from the shoulders to the tech neck. Followed by some intense sculpting massage, suction cup lymphatic drainage and face yoga activations. Radiofrequency to stimulate collagen production this booster treatment really is the ultimate tension release and sculpt for the shoulder, neck and jaw area.

bright eyes add on

Bright Eyes

The perfect de-stress and lift for the eye and brow area. Tension causes wrinkles (and headaches); our acupressure facial sculpting massage targets tension in this area caused by eye strain, as well as toning and encouraging the eye area to lift. By stimulating circulation and draining the lymphatic system we also reduce dark circles and puffiness. 

pout it out add on

Pout it Out

Chasing that extra oomph? This is our natural solution to fuller, supple, soft and healthy lips. Wearing gloves and using our facial sculpting massage techniques we can accentuate and sculpt your lips and surrounding area like never before. Mini suction cup techniques plump whilst our cryo sculpts, and all topped off with our FaceDay hydrating Lip mask resulting in lips that are voluminous and nourished.