Dream Clean

60 minutes

After hearing your skin concerns we have curated this ultimate combo of the latest technology and ingredients to decongest your skin and replenish, hydrate and rebalance. This 60-minute treatment delivers balanced, less breakout-prone skin. Dream Clean gently decongests using a unique and effective combination of Ultrasound, Plasma technology, followed by Galvanic which helps import hydrating and balancing actives. The result? A dreamy clean complexion without abrasives or extractions.

Rp. 885.000

*inclusive of taxes and service fees


Our regulars love this facial, not only have we introduced new tech to achieve homeostasis in your skin but we have some new techniques and actives to clean and replenish. This facial gives a little bit less attention to sculpting massage and focuses more to cleansing, decongesting and removing bacteria, we are extremely mindful of how this is done and how essential it is to nourish the skin so it is balanced and protected with a healthy sebum level. Cleansing with the help of clarifying cleansers and masks is amplified by Ultrasound and Plasma technology, then we use Galvanic technology to import a nourishing serum into the skin barrier.


super chill facial

Super Chill

45 minutes

All aboard the recovery train! This facial was created for those who need to de-puff and calm their face after a big night or too much sun.

power tone facial

Power Tone

45 minutes

Boost your facial muscle tone and wake up your face with our signature functional facial, containing a FaceDay highlight reel of effective moves.


Free Flow

45 minutes

Melt away tension with our glorious massage-only (no technology) facial – incorporating all your favourite intensive FaceDay facial sculpting and remedial massage techniques. So cruise in, kick back and let it flow.

Wonder sculpt facial

Wonder Sculpt

60 minutes

Our multi-tasking wonder functional facial spans a full hour. Perfect for when you have the time to treat yourself, or to prep for an event – this treatment will remind your cheekbones where they belong.